BCT hosts monthly and quarterly events. Book readings, toddler dance parties, nature walks and mom's nights out.

Special Events

BCT hosts annual events from the Easter Egg Hunt to the Halloween Party and

Christmas Party, the BCT is the place to be for children to carry on traditions or

experience new ones.

Children hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid under the leaves and behind the rocks. After the hunt, families gather for a BBQ picnic.

BCT members gather to meet new families and spend time with old friends. Children and adults play games and share food in a local park.

Our annual Cupcake Festival is a sweet treat for everyone! Join us for the children’s cupcake decorating competition

Children dress in costume (optional) and party at the annual Halloween Party. Kids can explore a haunted house and make pumpkin arts and crafts projects.


Children sing, craft, and visit from Santa Claus at the annual Christmas Party.

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