Our prenatal courses are designed to help international families feel confident and ready to birth and parent their babies. It sounds so simple, but it includes so much - because we have really looked at what families need.

Parents (to be) need support, encouragement, time to discuss, listen, plan, and have answered all the questions they are embarrassed to ask. Families need ongoing help and information as their babies grow up and go through different stages with different challenges. They need a network of friends and supporters in the same time zone as themselves. They need people around them who understand there are many many different ways to birth and bring up a family. They need people who can help them access the resources that will make their births and their family lives easier. The BCT prenatal courses offer all this and more.

A variety of different courses and sessions are available:


Weekly Relax, Stretch, and Breathe/Prenatal Yoga:

An informal prenatal class combined with prenatal yoga - each session opens with discussion and Q&A with our qualified prenatal teacher on all sorts of topics around birth and parenting, followed by 75 minutes of breathing techniques, stretching and strengthening yoga and relaxations, skills and techniques which will help during birth.  These women-only sessions are sociable and supportive, relaxing, and re-energising, whether it is your first baby or your fifth.


For more details see: www.mignonbaby.com/prenatal-and-mother-and-baby-yoga or the attached information and registration form.

Sessions run Thursday evening 18.00-20.00


Couples prenatal courses:

Weekend courses for both parents (or either parent on their own), helping them prepare for parenthood. These structured group classes give parents-to-be the opportunity to prepare for the birth of their baby and their new role as parents, whilst meeting other families with babies due at the same time, and sharing learnings together, so building a strong and lasting support network. For many parents, it is the first time they have really had the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers. Unlike other prenatal classes in Basel, these sessions include a significant focus on family life after the baby is born, and uniquely, include a postnatal session after the baby is born, providing ongoing support, information, and resources for the family.


These courses include two prenatal Relax, Stretch and Breathe sessions and one postnatal Mother and Baby Yoga session


Here’s what to expect from a typical antenatal class package from Susie:


  • 17.5 hours in total,

  • 11 hours group sessions prenatally, 1.5-hour group session postnatally (with babies)

  • 4 hours Relax, Stretch, Breathe sessions for mothers prenatally (2 sessions) plus 1-hour Mother and Baby yoga session postnatally (1 session)

  • 1.5-hour postnatal session once babies are born

  • 2 Relax, Stretch, Breathe sessions for the mother to be taken at any time 

  • 1 Mother and Baby yoga session


For more information and course dates see: www.mignonbaby.com/prenatal-childbirth-courses or contact Susie Atkinson on antenatal.bct@gmail.com

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